A Time-Enduring Reputation
Guided by determination and a core set of values

Our History

Dr. Faisal Ahmed Zayani, founded Zayani Computer Systems in 1983 with an objective to establish an organization that could provide efficient and reliable office automation solutions, based on high quality products and services for the Bahrain market.

It was subsequently appointed by Hewlett Packard of the USA as their exclusive distributor in Bahrain for its Personal Computer and peripheral Products. In 1990, the Company was awarded distribution rights for the entire range of Hewlett Packard Computer products.

Over the years of operation in Bahrain, the Company has grown from a small organization in the early 80’s to a medium size establishment with more than 80 employees. In recognition of performance and professionalism shown by the Company in marketing and supporting HP computer products, HP has presented it with various awards over the years.

In today’s fast moving and rapidly changing global marketplace as people expand their computer systems, or invest in new ones, they are faced with a variety of choices such as different operating systems, software, architectures and conflicting vendor philosophies. Zayani Computer Systems is always there to help in choosing the right system, which is not only going to be successful solely because of its performance, innovative technology or software solutions, but also because it helps in solving business problems.

As customer satisfaction is very important, one of the Company’s major strengths is the Support organization. The highly trained support staff of Hardware and Software engineers provides quality support in conformity with HP’s stringent standards. Zayani Computer Systems customers are able to choose between various levels of support according to their requirement.

Today, ZCS stands as a noteworthy point and signals the dawn of a new technological era in the region - an era which demands specialized services and specialized skill-sets in order to meet the growing needs of globalized organizations. The inspiration behind the creation of ZCS is noted entrepreneur and Industrialist Dr. Faisal Ahmed Zayani, who had the foresight to envision such a huge leap in the demand of IT services in various disciplines. ZCS has, since then, shown consistent growth leveraging international partnerships and is today known as an identity that exudes professionalism.

Our Philosophy

Our business is modelled on serving the customer and delivering the solutions that cater to their needs. In today’s volatile conditions, we believe that reducing the cost, optimizing the resources and conserving capital will go a long way in enabling us to build and maintain long term customer relationships, which will in turn, fuel the engine of growth. Our strength lies in leveraging the virtue of our partnerships to first define the needs of our customers and then identifying and providing them with the right solution.

ZCS has consistently maintained a single point focus on customer satisfaction. We have entered into partnerships with HP and Dell-EMC for offering a wider range of services and solutions to an ever-growing client base. ZCS Customer Care Center, ZCS Support, FMS Service, Managed Print Services etc., are the result of our endeavours to constantly innovate and offer better support and services to our customers. We are constantly seeking new partnerships and training our dedicated workforce to meeting the challenges of future.

ZCS is committed to being the solution provider of choice to its customers, ever evolving, ever innovating and forever.
- Vision: To be the trusted source of ICT products and services.
- Mission: To consistently provide quick and reliable solutions to our customers’ needs

ZCS’s complete range of IT services addresses the needs of both technology and business requirements to help organizations leverage cutting-edge technologies for business improvement. ZCS take charge of the IT needs of the entire enterprise.